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All is Set For The Previewing of Contemporary Art and Furniture Entitled “Revolutionary Trends”

FRIDAY July 28, 2023
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All is set for the previewing of contemporary art and furniture entitled “Revolutionary Trends”

The event is scheduled to hold from tomorrow, Satur- day July 29 to August 5, 2023 at the Ikorodu home gallery of Akpo Diejomaoh, a nota- ble Nigerian artist and master sculptor with several publica- tions and exhibitions held to his credit in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

It is expected to be a most exhilarating experience as the displayed works of the multi-dimensional expres- sionist (sculptor/painter) dwell on deep-seated socie- tal issues which range from politics and leadership, the ecology and the environ- ment to the very detailed life expectancy quotient of an African personality that is riddled with extraneous influences.

Diejomaoh’s rendition of his chosen subjects is thought-provoking and arouses the sensibilities of the viewer to an awakening of his or her innate presup- positions and role in societal development and the upliftment of humanitarian goals through the inherent potentiality of the African Revolutionary Spirit

The works are character- ized by rudimentary conno- tations of only the primary elements that tell the story, thereby, challenging the on- looker to look more deeply in order to be able to discern the crucial content in his mes- sage.

“The truth is within and the content is primary,” he said.

The exhibition, which will play host to the works of some other notable Nige- rian artists, will also feature a narrative that showcases Diejomaoh’s 41 years of service to humanity as a pi- oneer member of the Neo- Black Movement (NBM) of Africa, an organization to which a part of the proceeds from sales of the works dis- played at the exhibition will be donated to advance the humongous humanitarian services or projects being carried out by the group.

NBM has been carrying out immensely uplifting Humanitarian services in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and other parts of the continent as well as Europe, South America and other Di- aspora countries wherever the movement is duly reg- istered.

Most recently one of the organization’s exploits was the visitation of eight states that were ravaged by flood with foodstuffs and other materials worth millions of naira which were donated to the victims.

Asked why he had chosen to channel his humanitari- an contribution to society through NBM instead of di- rectly reaching out to the re- cipients of his charitable ges- tures, Diejomaoh explained that the organization is home to him and had been his pri- mary constituency.

He said: “I have been involved in this work with the NBM since my youthful days at the collegial stage of its manifestation when we stood up to defend the weak in our then community or environment, when as radical intellectuals we vehemently opposed and challenged all negative vices within our given society without any fear or favour and without any iota of gratification coming to us. Our actions and activities had been selflessly carried out in all ramifications up to this day.

“Important to note too is my being very much in tune with the grand activities of the present leadership of the movement being head- ed by Olorogun Ese Kakor as president. His sincere effort at being in tandem with the foundation principles and ideological focus of the NBM is undoubtedly encouraging to all of us pioneers who see his tenacious drive and sin- cerity of purpose as the ideal focus towards achieving the goals of the organization.

“Lastly, I was touched deeply when as Secretary of the organization’s ‘Body of Founders’ i was in the visita- tion entourage of Olorogun Ese Kakor that went to con- dole with and give solidarity support to the survivors and the Owo Catholic church over the gruesome mass murder of its innocent worshipers by terrorists.

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