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NBM Of Africa Distance Self, Warns Members Against July 7 Celebrations

Source: ABNTV




The Leadership of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa (NBM), a Pan-African Group, has distanced itself from any July 7 (77) celebration, falsely claimed in some quarters to be the group’s founding day anniversary.

The NBM in a statement released by its National Public Relations Officer, Oluwatosin Dixon, on Wednesday 5th of July 2023, said that the Movement has no celebration nor anniversary known as July 7 (7/7), saying that those spreading the falsehood are not members of the NBM of Africa but imposters and charlatans. “July 7th (7/7)” as acclaimed by the enemies of the NBM of Africa’s founding date is false and not recognised by the Pan-Africanist group.

And in the history of NBM of Africa, there is no place where JULY 7 was documented as founders day; hence it is a misnomer for any group of persons to ascribe NBM of Africa to that date, and also NBM of Africa is not Black Axe. NBM of Africa has no relationship with Black Axe, NBM of Africa disassociate itself from the name “Black Axe”, the statement said. The statement further warned all its members across the world to be mindful of such gatherings which it said may come in the name of the NBM of Africa and report the same to the security operatives.

“By this notice, all members of the movement are succinctly warned to be wary and distance themselves from any gathering of such“, the statement concluded.

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