NBM Lectures/Seminars

The Neo Black Movement of Africa has remained steadfast in our commitment towards attaining utopia anent the constant vices that the global populace faces.

We have reeled out several educational programs and lectures to help educate this global village we live in, on ways to assist to curb social injustice and inequality. It is customary to during our National Conventions that we host the general populace to our lectures that have a global appeal and such lectures tenets are globally applicable.

We regularly engage the vibrant youths of our societies by conducting town hall meetings at various secondary/High Schools and at tertiary institutions.


Due to our commitment to research and preserve African Culture and Religion, we have developed a robust synergy through constant communication with several monarchs/traditional rulers.

We have continued to ensure that we send representations to the various cultural festivals to help us grok the significance of the various cultures of the world in an effort to apply a holistic approach towards solving inter and intra tribal rowels and racism.

Recently, we put together a N500M fund to build a cultural center that will serve as a location to house and exhibit our continued quest for cultural relevance in solving most of the socio cultural rowels of this global village we live in. This center is known as The Uhuru Cultural Center and is presently under construction in the heart of the ancient Bini Kingdom..


NBM’s goal is to improve the overall community health status in each location in which we work around the globe. We deliver supplies and assistance to any affected community.
Furthermore, provide learning opportunities for the local communities to sustain their well-being beyond our visits.


NBM’ donates and supports various charity and orphanage homes in every part of the world. 

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