Finance & Sponsorship

NBM of Africa is a non Governmental organization. It has never received grant from any government locally or internationally. It has no affiliation with any organization that is government sponsored. NBM of Africa is a self sponsored organization. It’s strictly policy on sponsorship makes it difficult for it to receive grants from any individual or private organizations.

Principally, funds for the running of the organization are namely;

1. Dues approved by National body of the organization and imposed on the members.

2. Voluntary donations from members.

3. Proceeds from sales of its paraphernalia like branded shirts, caps, cups, mufflers, branded Calendars, pens, brochures, books etc.

4. Sales of its constitution and History books to members.

5. Fun-fairs at its Conventions.

6. Application fees for new members.

7. Fines arising from disciplinary sanctions on members and zonal branches.

NBM of Africa is strict in receiving voluntary donations from members aside approved dues because of its regulations against crime and injection of proceeds of crime in its finances.

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