Neo Black Movement of Africa, otherwise known as NBM is a Movement that started at the University of Benin; Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, in 1977 by Nine energetic, visionary and intellectually radical undergraduates of the said University.

They were; John Okogie, Nicholas Idemudia, Tokunbo Brown, Uche Alumona, Marvel Akpoyibo, Olagungu Ojo, Gbolahon Dosunmu, Bernard Ojishua and Godwin Ehigiator. Then, the pioneer patron of the Movement was Professor Onwuejiogwu (a Professor of History and Anthropology).

The NBM of Africa was birthed on the premise to check and balance the seeming nuances of inequalities and social injustices prevalent in many societies. Focusing on intellectual radicalism in pursuit of Pan-African struggles, the founders considered the clarion cry for the liberation of African territories under colonial rule.

Thus its founding mantra has remained social justice and equality for all, flowing from the radical school of thought shared by the founding fathers for a more egalitarian society.

NBM of Africa has metamorphosed in the past three decades from a tertiary fraternity to a reputable Global Movement with presence in Africa, North and South America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia, with an estimated global membership of about One million(1,000,000) persons of diverse backgrounds.

The objectives of the Movement as propounded initially by the pioneer members were:

1. Redirection of all minds towards Black Realism, Determinism and inculcation of discipline in individuals, both in the body and mind.

2. The prevention of all acts that seek to tarnish the image of the Black people.

3. To seek and conduct research into African Traditional religion.

4. The publication of a regular magazine called the Uhuru, which would serve as the mouthpiece of the Movement.

5. To co-operate and exchange ideas with other organizations whose objectives were similar.

National Convention:- This is the equivalent of an annual general meeting. It is held around the anniversary of Sharpeville Day in March. Other activities are organized to promote African Culture, Arts, tradition, and global Peace. The National organ of the organization determines the time for such events.

Black/African Night: This is our name for parties where non-members, irrespective of gender, can attend. The Black/ African Night is usually at the end of the year.

Jollification – This is traditional NBM merriment. Here the major entertainment is Egede music with drums and traditional African dance steps.

Charity:- NBM of Africa members also participate in charitable causes. Zones within NBM of Africa must execute at least one charity event a year.

The Neo-Black Movement does not operate a regimental structure. All members are of equal status; however, respect is accorded based on position in the Movement, year of induction into the Movement and age in life following traditional African practices. Members of the Movement are referred to as Axemen.

In its bid to guard it’s integrity and status arising from abuse of its founding principles in tertiary institutions, NBM shut down it’s activities and presence on campuses with strict regulations.

NBM admits male applicants who share similar ideology with the Movement but such persons must possess the requisite qualifications and pass through rigorous screening process. Before the campus withdrawal, members were of two cadres, students and graduates.

Qualifications For Membership:

1. Graduate of Institution of higher learning and good academic standing.

2. Applicant must be of good character with no criminal records.

3. Applicant must not be less than 21 years of age.

4. Applicant must be of sound mind and body.

The Axe dangling to cut the chains on two hands is the symbol of the NBM of Africa. It demonstrates the readiness to confront the most difficult tasks.

The Axe is used to break the chain of oppression, social injustice and other vices that have impaired the progress of humanity.

The colours of the Neo-Black Movement are Black, White and Yellow

Black – Signifies our identity as Blacks and the dignity thereof

White – Signifies Peace and purity of mind and body.

Yellow – Signifies strength and intellect.

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