Significance of NBM of Africa's Badge/Logo

NBM of Africa adopted the axe as insignia because of the organisation’s quest to rid the world of social ills and vices which is a very difficult task and mission.

The orientation of the black man who is a subsistence farmer is that the most important tool to the poor African farmer is the axe which is used to perform the most difficult task in the farm like cutting down of trees, cutting of firewoods and rocks.

The Axe is also used to cut the chains used for slavery and to tear the shackles of oppression given to the Blackman.

It is due to this difficulty that NBM adopted the axe as its insignia and we refer to members as axemen. The circle represent perfection, unity, one love and bond.

We have all come together to adopt this badge in a way to fight all social vices, uplift humanity and help make the world a better place for all to live.

This is why every member has been tasked to provide for the needy and obey the laws of the land wherever we find ourselves.

The significance of the NBM of Africa Badge does not in any way infer violence or any form of lawlessness.

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