Our Ideology is rooted in Neo-Blackism, the burning desire to liberate all humans from the shackles of oppression. Oppression here is represented by the chain that holds the hands in cuffs in our logo.

Our ideology of Neo blackism is hinged on the belief that a man is liberated when an Axe unshackles him, being the most potent African tool in the medieval era that was used to accomplish the most complex task, as also reflected in our logo.

This ideology is a mix of Intellectual Radicalism, Pan-Africanism, Negritude, and fraternal relations, which is the bedrock of communal life in typical African Society where the strong stands for the weak and the rich stands for the poor.

The intellectual radicalism in our ideology is the conviction that freedom from mental slavery and shackles is freedom from physical limitations in achieving an egalitarian society.

Our Funding Priorities Areas


Climate Change

Food Sovereignty



Indigenous People

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