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NBM distributes over 2000 food items in Imo, to reduce hunger

Source: The Vanguard Newspaper

Owerri- The Neo-Black Movement, NBM, has distributed 1000 bags of rice, 800 bags of beans, 500 tubers of yam and others to address the issue of inflation and hardship in Imo state.

The NBM National President, Olorogun Ese Kakor, distributed the food items, during their 3-day Convention and the 18th Annual lecture of NBM, held in Owerri, capital of Imo state, with the theme: “Addressing the dual challenges of poverty and inflation in Nigeria.”

It was their believe that the business of alleviating poverty in the society should not be left in the hands of the government alone adding that as a pan- Africanist organization, that they would continue to promote the African values and culture.

The National President, Ese Kakor, said among other things that the distribution of food items was because of “The current recession, inflation, instability and hardship being faced globally; as an Organization we are highlighting innovative policy solution either temporarily or in a long term. We are taking Nigeria as a case study.

“The current situation has left the poor and less privilege vulnerable. At various times as an Organization, we have been able to provide short term solutions that we believe can give immediate Succor to
hundreds of thousands struggling with hunger and poverty: one of which the Organization carried out this morning, where 1000 bags of rice, 800 bags of Beans, 500 tubers of yam, Vegetable oil, assorted onions, noodles and other consumables were shared amongst the widows and less privileged.

“Between the months of October and November 2022, NBM of Africa provided palliatives and relief materials to over 12 States within our country Nigeria that were ravished with floods which included

Oguta, Umungwa Obowo both in Imo-State. What we are doing is part of Nation building and one of the primary objectives of Nation building is to mitigate the sufferings of the people. NBM of Africa is a Pan Africanist Organization whose aims and
objectives is to promote and preserve African culture and also carry out humanitarian services
wherever we find ourselves.”

“In mitigating the sufferings of the people, the total responsibility should not be left in the hands of the Government alone. Corporate organizations should also share part of the responsibilities

alleviating the sufferings of the people that will add value to the people. As an Organization we have been able to reach out to the poorest households without exclusion error and we will continue to play our part in providing temporary reliefs among the vulnerable anywhere we find ourselves,” the National President said.

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