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NBM Of Africa Donates N2m To Victims Of Owo Catholic Church Attack (Photos)

National President of the Movement, Olorogun Ese Kakor, who made the donations when he visited scene of the attack and palace of the Olowo of Owo, Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin Ogunoye III also assured that NBM of Africa would help to showcase the rich cultural values of Owo community ahead of the Owo Igogo festival.

Olorogun Kakor said it was unimaginable that gunmen could kill people inside the sanctuary of God.  Kakor described the NBM as a pan-African organisation that promotes Africa culture and engaged in humanitarian services. He insisted that the NBM was not part of the Blackaxe confraternity.

“We came to sympathise with the church on this attack. We come to share in their grief and sympathize with the people of Owo.  Intelligence matters a lot. Security agents have to upp their came. It is getting worse. Nigerians have to report suspicion movement around them. “NBM has nothing to do with Blackaxe confraternity. Blackaxe is a criminal organisation. We are a humanitarian organisation.”

Parish Priest of the church, Fr. Vincent Amadin, said the number of injured persons have risen. Amadin said those who went home after the incident didn’t know they had internal injuries.

“You cannot say this is the actual figure because more than half of the church were affected. There are various forms of injuries. Some just went home with minor injuries but they are complaining now. A woman that didn’t know she had internal injuries called me yesterday after she fell.”

Oba Ogunoye III said it was unfortunate that terrorists defiled the House of God and attempted to shatter the peace enjoyed in Owo.

“It is an unfortunate incident that we never expected.  “Nigeria has been experiencing terrorist attacks but we were concerned that this incident could come to our area. We are experiencing it now. We are all challenged by what really happened. They have turned this land into a land of violence. Our humanity is challenged. The FG should focus on protecting lives and property. We should get prepared to defend ourselves. The perpetrators are looking for soft spots. We must protect ourselves. Nobody has the right to take life.”

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