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Neo-Black Movement Of Africa Denies Link With Black Axe Confraternity, Says Arrested Arm Robber Not Its Member

Source: ABNTV

Neo-Black Movement (NBM) of Africa has denied links with the “faceless” group, Black Axe Confraternity, decrying “libellous, malicious, and satanic” reports on social and conventional media.

NBM of Africa also denied one Mr. Abdul-Azeez Ibrahim who was arrested by the Ogun State Police Command in Ijebu-Ode for allegedly being a cultist, kidnapper, and armed robber who goes about with the name Black Axe Confraternity, saying he is not a member or represent NBM of Africa. In a release signed by Mr Oluwatosin Dixon, the National Public Relations Officer of NBM of Africa, the group says its nomenclature and modus operandi are visibly different from Black Axe Confraternity, saying it is the highest height of insult, aberration, and character assassination to link both groups.

The group swiped at the reports for not displaying professionalism, which it says the media are known for over the years. The statement said in part, “Mr Abdul-Azeez Ibrahim is not and has never been a member of NBM Of Africa. Hence, nobody/person or agency/government should link him with our positive and progressive organisation.

“We restate categorically that NBM Of Africa is not in any way related to Black Axe Confraternity to warrant using the name as ‘alias’ “For the avoidance of doubt, NBM Of Africa is not a faceless and criminal organisation. It is a properly registered Pan-African Organisation”.

“NBM Of Africa as a law-abiding organisation will or shall never support criminal activities or elements.

“We view this recent claim in the media as not only malicious, defamatory, libellous, and misleading but also an affront and slander against the integrity and reputation of NBM Of Africa built over the years. “We sternly advise that our organisation, NBM Of Africa, should not be linked/associated with Black Axe Confraternity as light and darkness have nothing in common. “We are of strong opinion without equivocation or contradiction that whoever commits crime anywhere in the world should be made to face the full weight of the law

“We urge the media to be accurate, objective, and maintain the ethical standards of the journalism profession always. “Lastly, our noble organisation will not tolerate any further smear that will bring the organisation’s name to disrepute or public opprobrium. Be warned that any form of such malfeasance will only necessitate legal actions. “The relevant government security agencies, media organisations, and the general public should take note accordingly.”

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