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Communities benefit from NBM of Africa, Bendel East Chapter Scholarship Project

The 11th day of November 2023 was astonishing to the people of Ihuyase Community in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State as NBM of Africa, Bendel East Chapter visited them.
The leadership of NBM of Africa, Bendel East Chapter, headed by Comrade Nzam Shadrach, was warmly welcomed to the compound of Chief Ikpoza, the Ogisi of Agbor Kingdom.

The chapter has a scholarship programme of which ten (10) children from the nine (9) different clans that make up the IhuIyase community were beneficiaries. The clans are Agbor-nta, Oki, Ewuru, Aliagwu, Alagwa, Alifekede, Idumu-Oza, and Aliopku, Alihamie). The beneficiaries are Chukwuma Christian (from Oki clan), Happy Isioma (Agbor-Nta), Saturday Vincent (Sokpoba Road, Agbor-Nta), Goodluck Ugbo (Aliagwu), Favour Bienose (Idumu-Oza), Aniebiet Abasi (Alifekede), Emmanuel Chigozie (Aliagwai), Onyebinihian Festus (Ewuru), Eboh Miracle Princess (Aliokpu) and Friday Anita (Alihame).

This kind gesture by the NBM of Africa Chapter was received with joy as it’s a long-term fulfilment of hope and aspirations. The scholarship project that engages other communities underlines the relentless commitment and dedication of Bendel East Chapter and NBM generally towards the education and enlightenment of African people

Chief Ikpoza who is the Ogisi of Agbor Kingdom expressed his joy by thanking and offering prayers to NBM of Africa, Bendel East Chapter for their philanthropic venture. Mrs. Orie Emmanuel also expressed appreciation for the scholarship awarded to her child and other children. She prayed that NBM would succeed in its quest to aid Africa’s full freedom

Meanwhile, the leadership of NBM of Africa, Bendel East Chapter heartily commended the efforts of distinguished stakeholders of the movement for their relentless contributions towards the success of the scholarship project, assuring all of its continuity.

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