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NBM Of Africa (Germany Chapter) Visit Bunte Kreis Augsburg

A team from the NBM of Africa (Germany Chapter) on Saturday, 18the September, embarked on a humanitarian visit to one of the organizations charged with the care of children living with disability in Germany (Bunte Kreis Augsburg).


The visit by the Germany chapter of the non profit organization, NBM of Africa, led by the President, Mr. Olatunji Adeniyi is in continuation of the groups charity programme and support to children’s welfare and development.

“It is to show our love and care by donating some cash,” said the President.

He added: NBM of Africa, Germany chapter, established a relationship with the Bunte Kreis Augsburg, and the organization is happy and promised to send a copy of the publication in the Augsburger news papers to he NBM of Africa.”

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