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NBM Visits Alake of Egbaland, Underscores Pan-African Mission

Abeokuta Chapter President of NBM of Africa Worldwide, Mr. Kayode Odunewu, has called on the Black Race to sustain and treat their culture and heritage with regards and respect wherever they are.

He stated this at Ake Palace during the association’s courtesy call on the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, on January 5, 2022.

He disclosed that their visit to the palace was to showcase themselves to the Alake and give awareness about the association.

Odunewu claimed that many had labelled NBM members as a cult group but they were wrong, explaining that the movement was striving to redress injustice against the black race worldwide.

According to him, NBM is a Pan-African non-governmental organisation (NGO) meant to project the continent’s heritage.

Odunewu stressed that the main objective of the organisation was to make sure that all Blacks have a sense of belonging and to promote African culture to ensure that, it didn’t become extinct.

He underlined NBM’s agenda to include eradicating thuggery, violence and crime among youths.

He disclosed that NBM did a programme recently at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, where security agencies lectured the youths about the danger of drug abuse, cultism and other vices.

In an interview with the Newsflagship correspondent, Odunewu reaffirmed that Black heritage and tradition could be sustained if Africans were ready to prioritize and be proud of who they really are.

The NBM chief lamented that Africans were abandoning their forefathers’ beliefs, pointing out that NBM nurtures and radiates Africanism

He reiterated that Africans needed to start orientating the coming generations about black values.

He also implored the people to show love and charity to their communities.

He reiterated to the Alake that, part of NBM’s mission was to promote African culture.

The NBM chief recalled that at the the State General Hospital, Ijaye last year, NBM donated blood, some materials needed in the facility and paid some medical bills. as part of its agenda.

In his address to the NBM, the paramount ruler of Egbaland thanked the association for its impactful vision in the realization and sustenance of Africa heritage.

The monarch described the association as a ‘black fist,’ noting that its agenda means ‘A Fight For Africanism.’

He implored NBM to stand firm in the fight for Pan-Africanism to sustain Black heritage and culture.

The apex Egba king advised NBM to ensure that all Blacks do not feel like second citizens in the world.

The Alake urged the association to keep promoting its aims and objectives of standing for Blacks wherever they are.

Speaking with Newsflagship, the spokesman of NBM Worldwide, Mr. Oluwatosin Dixon, said the association’s goal included eradicating thuggery among the youth to make them useful for themselves and the country.

This, he noted, includes to orientate the youths on better life in Africa, underlining numerous programmes implemented by NBM to sensitise them.

He reiterated that the association also donated items to orphanages and others as well as free medical outreach.

For example, in Edo State, NBM executed a programme tagged “Back To School”, under which it gave pupils uniforms, books and medical items. He implored the youths to come up with innovation ideas and participate in the administration of the country so that the change they hope for could manifest.

Egba chiefs in attendance at the parkey included the Baagbimo of Egbaland, Chief Akanni Akinwale, and the Baaroyin of Egbaland; Chief Layi Labode.

Some NBM officials also present were its Secretary General Worldwide, Omoba Kehinde Akanimodo, Mr. Adewale Samuel, Engineer Sadiku Adewale, Mr Onitiri Ismail, Mr. Olajide Owolabi, among others.

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