NBM of Africa Encouraging Higher Education in Africa.

Neo Black Movement (NBM) of Africa has continued to be in the forefront of encouraging higher education in Africa.

The organization was formed, against the backdrop of the Independence movement in Africa, the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the Civil Rights movement in the United States, by a group of 9 students of the University of Benin, Nigeria in 1977.

The organization’s concepts for community advancement and academic excellence have created 89 zones throughout Africa, the Americas, United Kingdom, European Union, Asia and the Middle East.

In line with the Movement’s aims and objectives, Mile 2 Sub Zone of Apapa Zone, Neo Black Movement of Africa, is hosting its first annual scholarship offers, awarding fifty(50) Joint Admission Matriculation Board -JAMB FORMS/E-PIN to female students in its catchment area on the 11th of May, 2021.

The Mile 2 Sub Zone of Apapa Zone, Neo Black Movement of Africa is offering financial assistance to deserving high school female seniors in celebration of their academic excellence and contributions to their school and community. This assistance is in the form of a one-time scholarship award by giving out FREE JAMB FORMS/E-PIN to encourage the “GIRL CHILD” (female students) around the Amuwo-Odofin and its environs.

Our movement’s vision of academic excellence and social achievement has resulted in an organization which encompasses the ideals of scholarship, social justice, and equality for all. The nine founders, whom we respectfully call the “Founding Fathers,” aspired to create a movement dedicated to social purpose and social action. Currently, NBM continues to grow and promote these ideals through its nationally and internationally mandated programs.

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